It would seem that at the heart of the human struggle to evolve is a primal lust for control. The most pervasive being man's relationship with nature. We live in an insidious paradigm that seeks to subjugate and extract the essence of the ecosystems that support our very existence. Confident in our arrogance of no repercussions. The spirit of an aggressor captured in the words of Francis Bacon "For you have to but follow and as it were hound nature in her wanderings". In this vein we have plundered all reaches of the earth, proud of our supposed taming of the elements. Seduced by the lure of some infinite wealth that defies rationality. Fostered by a conception of the earth as an inanimate machine. An immortal slave to our unexamined yearnings, gracious in its continuing defeat. Even still, this plunder as it were, is for a shadowy elite. A select few who are wrapped in delusions of entitlement . The majority locked in labour to the unknown dreams of others.


Against this towering oppression are sages and ancient cultures that have sung, through centuries of oppression, a very different song. Grieving our estrangement from our very source of life as man brutalises its own kind for pieces of this finite earth. Some unable to comprehend this lust for dominance while others lament nature's fury in the face of our arrogance. For they sing of reciprocity in this age of dominance.A modest, happier, synergistic existence. Knowing all too well that our folly is in thinking that the earth has any fondness for humanity. They sing in reverence of the elements we lose sight of amid the asphalt and the concrete, knowing that we are entitled to nothing. For nature does not measure time through our contrived clocks, nor does it pander to our greed without reminding us of its cost. The earth will bear the brunt of our aggression and only accommodate those beings that can hear her pulse flowing through it.